Friday, May 14, 2010

Thrifty Napkin decoupage makeover

From this

To this...

How I did it:

One Charity Shop basket find $2
Paper Napkin
Mod Podge

I painted the basket with some leftover white paint

Using 3 ply napkins I separated them as I only want to use the printed top one

When the paint was dry I painted the Mod Podge on to a section of the basket then glued some torn pieces of napkin. I wanted to retain the pattern of the lavender flowers so my pieces were quite large

Four layers of Mod Podge to seal and all done!

Because the napkins are so thin they take on the look of the wicker. Gorgeous!

A beautiful basket for my handmade lavender soap!

Have a great weekend everyone

1 comment:

Pearl Maple said...

Oh well done, that is a creative idea and comes up looking a treat. Thanks for sharing the inspiration.