Wednesday, June 2, 2010

House of Colour

Don't you just love the explosion of colour on this home?
 It is a canal side home in a neighbouring suburb.

The colours, to me, capture the raw elements of the sea the sun, the sand, the earth.

And the design, I love it....and yes I am dreaming!


Lou said...

Isn't it strange how tastes differ- I think it's 'not so nice.' Gotta love diversity :-)

Anonymous said...


Found you via 'dreaming of a country home' blog, had to have a nosey at yours too of course. Love the colours of the house too, though at heart I am an English country style woman, probably because I live in the English countryside, in rural Norfolk, East Anglia (that's the bit above London/Kent which sticks out into the cold North Sea) and consider myself a country housewife, doing all the things you'd think of when using that phrase... baking, gardening, crafting, making something beautiful and maybe useful too, from something redundant, usually in the fabric line. I also meditate, use crystals for dowsing, read runes, creative journalling, and am never far from a book!
Like your blog and will be back....Maggie