Tuesday, June 8, 2010

La Ballon Rouge

Images from here

I really love these images so I was inspired to find out more as they remind me of a childhood fantasy I used to have.

 The 30 minute movie is about a boy on his way to school one morning and he makes friends with a red balloon. It begins to follow him.  A gang of boys destroy the balloon and then balloons of different sizes and colours descend on the boy from all parts of Paris. They lift him into the sky and take him over the horizon. 

These images are from an Oscar winning French Movie called Le Ballon Rouge which was first released in 1956. A blue ray disc has been released this year in the UK - that's how popular this short movie has been.

I must see this movie and escape from reality for 30 minutes!


theoldboathouse said...

Wow they are stunning images...remind me od fhe movie up, cheers katherine

Thea said...

This is one of the only movies that I remember watching as a child as it left such an impression on me. So much so that I bought the book years later when I stumbled across it. When I tried to tell my kids about this movie, I became teary and they laugh...

Pamela said...

Hi Pam,
Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and no, you aren't too late for the FREE GIVEAWAY which will be drawn on Friday.
I remember you buying my cushion covers. I've sold over 750 now, but who's counting? I am!
I must say, how lovely that you are a fellow rose tragic. I imagine you have as much trouble growing them in Brisbane with the humidity as I do here with the mist. But we don't let things like that stop us do we?
I've just become a follower of your blog and am going to settle down now for a good read.
Love the balloon pictures and would love to see the movie.

Cornflake said...

Oh my goodness I remember this film/story so well as a child. A true classic. I love these images too and every time I see something like this I remember that film! Great post!