Saturday, July 17, 2010

France at Southbank today..

An absolutely gorgeous day in Southbank today, just the right type of weather for mingling at festivals. The French Festival was very packed with an amazing number of people - I am sure the organisers and the stall holders would have been extremely happy.

We had to walk through the arbours to get to the festival, something I can never tire of. The stunning bougainvillea is out in full bloom and against the background of the clear blue sky - well you can see for yourself. Love to know how many photos have been taken here!

Here are a few pics as we strolled, or rather pushed our way through the crowds.

This lovely fellow was posing as a French Doctor from the 1800's. He had the instruments on the table and a sign up to say that he would help with piles and fallen women..what can I say!

For overseas readers, you can see the Brisbane River in the background.

There was plenty of entertainment.

There was a lovely atmosphere here today, fine food, fine wine and other french goodies to buy.  People signing up to rent french houses while on holidays was hugely popular and I would definately go again.


Thea said...

This looks so good.. I wish I had gone. Oh well, maybe next year. x

Restyled Vintage said...

Hi Pam and thanks for checking out my lamp makeover...the lady at the fabric shop thought I was mad for considering covering it in oilcloth but I think it looks good and I am sure I won't melt it, lol. What a fantastic day it looked in Brissy today! I love those purple flowers, they remind me of that lovely park there with all the purple flowering trees - I think it is called Newfarm Park? Lovely!
xx Karen

Jenny said...

Looks like you had a lovely day Pam. I was busy being soccer mum which seemed to consume almost the entire day!

Angel's Attic said...

Looks like you had a great day out. Love the first photo with the bougainvillaea.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Sal said...

Fabulous photos..I could just imagine being there!

brismod said...

Great images Pam. Cool way to spend your day soaking up all things French!

Cornflake said...

Pam, you'd get on so well with my Mum, she's a Francophile as well!

Looks like a great day out, love the flower arches at Southbank too, so pretty. Looks like they're in bloom all year around as I saw them like this a few months ago?

Did you buy anything or is that a stupid question?

Laura Lewis said...

Hi I also live on the Bayside at Wynnum and really enjoy your blog - I am fairly new to blogging and not sure of blog etiquette. I am a fellow op shop lover and adore trawling garage sales for those holy grails. I would love you to follow me and let me know what you think. I hope this is appropriate.

baysiderose said...

For Laura, Can you please give me your blog address in another comment as it is not coming up when I click on your name, so I cannot send you a message. Love to follow your blog. Welcome to blogland, you will find it pretty addictive!

LauraLewis said...

silly me - it is - am very excited about blogging and yes it is simply so addictive

Vintage Remixed said...

That looks so fun. Lucky you. Hope you have a great week!