Thursday, August 19, 2010

1950's Wrought Iron

With 52 acres (21 hectares) of retail space, Anthony Horderns was once the largest department store in the world. If you want to find out more you can here

Flicking through a 1950 edition (March/April) of the Australian House and Garden, I noticed these advertisements for wrought iron furniture. The beauty of these ads to me is that they remind me that you can still buy these highly sought after pieces. They are getting really hard to find in good condition but they appear to be still around.

My fascination and subsequent 'acquiring' of the 1950's typical scrolly enigma probably began with a small bakelite heart mum gave to me years ago. It is one of those treasures that has always been tucked away in a safe place wherever I have lived. Dad gave Mum her engagement ring in this heart in the late 1950's. There is the sentimental attachment of course, but I have never seen another like it either. Perhaps, now I associate the notion of 'romance' with the scrolly iron heartwork...who knows!

(The hinge on the heart has always been a normal household pin).

so the scrolly thing is happening around our home...

and in the garden...

What or who have your collections inspired by?


Jenny said...

Hi Pam, I have lots of bits and pieces in our home with sentimantal meaning. I remember those little hearts making a come back years ago in a plastic version. I am sure I used to have a couple.... My favourite scrolly thing is my Le Forge bar stools - just love them! ;-)

theodora said...

I love wrought iron we had a bed in the basement that was wrought iron , and once I saw one by the trash bin , the two ends and the two long peices it was completed ,but I couldn't carry it I still think about it.

Restyled Vintage said...

Hi Pam :) I love scrolls too, I am a sucker for them! I even dragged home a scrolly wrought iron outdoor bannister rail from the junk shop a couple of years ago but sadly haven't found a use for it yet!

xx Karen

carol at home said...

What a fabulous old advertisement no wonder you are inspired.

Debbie said...

Hi sweetie!
Thanks for your lovely comment!
Sorry, I haven`t been around much!
School holidays and all...
I too love these wrought iron furniture.
But sadly I only have two half moon wall shelves... I once did have the beautiful magazine rack, a bit similar to yours... but sadly I sold it! And you are right, they really are getting more difficult to find!
Wishing you a sweet weekend!


P.S- The little heart is a real treasure... your Dad has very good taste!

bellaboo said...

Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog.Such a sweet romantic story of your mother and the ring in the heart.Love all the scroll detail around your home.Reading through your blog I saw your makeover of your dining table and chairs..great job!

Bellaboo :o)