Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Awnings Are Coming!

Every year the passion fruit vine and the jasmine creeps up on the deck and becomes, well, unruly. I don't have the heart to cut it back until it has provided us with the sweetest fruit and the most divine scent of jasmine.

This time though I will have to cut it down for good....The awnings are coming!

They will look something like this...

These awnings will have multi-stops so that they can be moved up and down and stopped where required. That's what the man said!

They will cut out the glare and the afternoon summer sun, and stop my bright cushions from fading....I hope.

I also discovered that passion fruit vines are wonderful or making wreaths for Christmas ( I really didn't want to say that word). The vines are supple and very pliable enough when green and will twist easily. I particularly love the curly tendrils and tend to leave them on.  I have begun one as you can see in the photo. Wait a couple of weeks until it dries out, spray paint it, then attach vintage crystals from old chandeliers, old baubles, ribbons - just about anything that you want really.


Jenny said...

Hi Pam, your deck looks like a lovely place to sit and have a glass or two of wine... I know what you mean about the awnings and they will make life much more pleasant in Summer. I hope you also post some after shots of your wreath, that sounds like a great idea. ;-)

brismod said...

Passion fruit vines? That's a pretty cool idea for wreaths. Your awnings are such a good idea too. xx

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Wow - the awnings will be fabulous. I'm aware of the hot afternoon sun in Brisbane, so it will make a huge difference to afternoons on the verandah!

The passionfruit vine wreath is GORGEOUS - clever you - don't forget to give us a pic when its dried before and after spraying!

I've just read a July post and see there's cause for Congratulations girlfriend!!! How lovely Pam, I admired your beautiful ring but didn't realise the significance!!!

Take care

melissa said...

What a lovely little spot on the verandah youve got there, and some awnings will be fantastic. Love the idea for your wreaths!

Vintage from the Village said...

Thanks for message, my day got worse- will post about it in a minute.
Your deck looks so lovely !
Best wishes
Sue x

Jenevieve said...

Passionfruit vine wreaths sound great! The awning look like they'll be great! :) x