Tuesday, September 7, 2010

True Blue Skies Today

In true Brisbane Style, beautiful, beautiful, deep blue skies today. Not a cloud in the sky!

Photos taken at the RQYS (Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron) at Manly.


A Treasured Past said...

Wow, Pam, gorgeous. A total contrast to our miserable weather. You would not even know that it was spring here :( Off the Perth tomorrow, hopefully it is nicer there :) Tamara

theoldboathouse said...

Ahh I used to walk past there daily....so beautiful! And I love the sound of the ropes tapping against the masts, cheers katherine

vintage mum said...

Oh get me a ticket I can come over tomorrow :)
Cate x

Rosy Inspiration said...

I was wanting to comment on the great job you've done with the bench and the floral and gingham cushions, but couldn't find the comment button. Anyhow, just wanted to say they simply look superb, very breathtaking and fresh and Cath Kidston, love them.