Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Project

I could not pass up this vintage print with a gorgeous frame at a church fair a couple of weeks ago. The frame was really grubby, but all intact as was the glass.

I found a print of the Sacre Coeur at the local Op Shop for $2. I couldn't believe it and quickly snapped it up.  It is in brilliant unused condition and the colours are vivid.

The frame was given two coats of paint after a good scrub and a sand. The glass was cleaned and the back was tidied up with brown paper and tape. Love it when there is not too much to do!

I am always astounded that with a bit of imagination, and most importantly having the time a frugal find can change into a worthwhile home decor item. Well that's what I think anyway! I now have the luxury of time to pursue my creative passions. I am loving not having the stress of major deadlines!.....for the time being anyway.

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Pearl Maple said...

Great do over, isnt it great fun to unearth little treasures and give them a new opportunity to shine.