Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lapping it up?

Hubby has whisked me away for another two days away. This time we are lapping it up on the Noosa River. There is an ulterior motive here, that I was rather quick to suss out and I will share with you. He has this insane idea that we should get away more and go camping!

In the million dollar Winnebago, the luxurious motorhome or even a campervan I hear you ask?

No, not even near, a tent...hubby has bought a tent with all the best accessories and is convinced I will love camping as much as he does. Mid life crisis after mid life crisis - I am wondering if there is such a thing!

I have to say, we are in a beautiful spot on the Noosa River and the outlook is superb as you can see from the photos. The romance of the gondolas in the evening to the lone pelican - romance, romance did I say romance? Not falling for it am I?

The third photo was taken last night when a leaf dropped on my head...don't laugh! I picked it up and noticed that it had two holes in it and I used it as a frame for the photo. Too much time on my hands in an idyllic setting?


Raine and Sage said...

Oh you lucky thing. We were there only yesterday on our way home from camping a little further north. Yes we were in a tent with 2kids!! Trying to do what I call luxury camping though with all the perks Anaconda can provide! :)Enjoy, I love Noosa! xox

Pamela said...

Hi Pam,
I'm not the camping type either but I must admit, where you are, looks pretty good from here! Have a lovely time roughing it.
Pamela xx

NessaKnits said...

Some of the best places on the East Coast are camping spots! We have a camping trailer, which takes about 1/2 hour to set up and we use it about 4 times a year or more. The kids love it.

theoldboathouse said...

Hey Pam, sounds like you guys are having fun, love the leaf pic...I thought some how you used your hands, very clever, cheers Katherine

Kyandra said...

Oh Pam what a beautiful spot....Can understand your apprehension with camping in 'A TENT'. I'm a Winnebago girl myself or the luxurious resort type ...well at least a 4 star....and I'm afraid my fussiness has worn off on my princesses! Oldest (almost 20 year ) has a heart attack when asked to camp with mum has taught her well..Hmmm. No tell him he's dreaming!.. :) Kym X

Jenny said...

Hi Pam, I am all for camping and it looks like you are visiting some lovely spots. We started with a tent but quickly moved on to a camper trailer.. next is the winnie! I hope you are enjoying yourself! A few wines as the sun sets - perfect. ;-)

delia hornbook said...

awww it looks utterly beautiful, i did wonder what the holes were ;-) Great photo's. I think camping is like marmite you either love it or you hate it ;-)) Have a lovely time Dee ;-)

Paper Tree Design said...

The setting does look wonderful ... but I'm not sure I can even bring myself to 'glamp' let alone camp. Friends have been working on getting us to camp for years saying it's great for the children - I think I need more convincing than pure mother guilt though! Hope you enjoy yourself. Michelle

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Dear Pam
What is wrong with you girl?
Loose and fancy free with hubby and a tent on the Noosa river - what more could a girl want??!!!

Did you go as far as Tewantin - we very nearly bought a block there back in the late 70's for a steal - just think you could have come and stayed with us - however the call of yachting on the Hauraki Golf was too strong for my hubby so as they say 'the rest is history'!!!
Great photos take me back though!!
He's spoiling you rotten, two weekends away in a row.........
Take care girlfriend
Shane xoxx

Anonymous said...

beautiful and interesting photos!

melissa said...

He knows how to pick a camping spot!...Have fun x

Natasha said...

I must say that I am not a fan of camping but I might consider it if I had views like that-how divine!

Best wishes,