Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday Finds

The famous stylised lily, the Fleur Di Lis design in chunky gold metal curtain ends. I have to do something with them. We don't have curtains in the house (we have internal shutters) so using them for what they were intended will not be on the cards. It's all about recycling and repurposing, right!!

Initially, I thought I would get the backs cut off and use them as bookends but I think I am looking for something more stunning, now that bookends sound the obvious and a tad boring to me, so I am hoping all my creative blogging friends will have some ideas. Heeeelp! I haven't come up with anything else yet. Oh and they cost $2 for the five of them at the charity store.

Pieces of cotton gingham I picked up for $1 at the Chandler Market on Sunday.  

A French blue enamel ladle also from Chandler Market for $3.00.

I am linking once again with Thrifty Tuesday Finds with Anna at Cornflake

Have a wonderful Tuesday!



Jenevieve said...

Great finds! I love the fleur de Lis, I'm guessing they would be too heavy to use as handles for drawers or if they are too heavy could be used as a fancy doorstop? They are beautiful so I hope you find a use for them! :) x

Cornflake said...

Oh Pam, love the curtain ends! The Fleur Di Lis would look great as hooks along the wall for perhaps your jewellery in a bedroom or to put in the kitchen for aprons or
in the hall for coats etc? Jeneieve's idea is great too.

I've just added a linky tool (wasn't sure if people wanted to keep playing along) so you can add your post today if you like :-)

Repurposing all the way!

Reportero de Lluvia said...

great blog!! I love it!


Anonymous said...

beautiful, i love it!!!

Big kisses.

The Pink Poodle said...

Hi Pam...

firstly I cannot begin to tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE LOVE GINGHAM...
I dont know what it is..where it came from..BUT I LOVE IT.

okay...the other goodies are such a FAB find..those curtain ends..for that price are just ridiculous..

I cannot even THINK what to do with them..

Great help I am...NOT!!!

& I bet your bottom dollar I will wake up in the middle of the night (along with my hot sweats!)..& suddenly realise what you can do with them..
If so..shall let you know tomorrow..

xxx andrea

Kyandra said...

Hi Pam what fabulous finds..really love the fleur di lis can't wait to see what you do with them! Kym X

Debbie said...

Hi Pam... All your finds are so beautiful! I love them all!
And your photos are great too!


melissa said...

Hi Pam, i love that gorgeous stack of fabrics! i think the fleur de lis' would be good as hooks too...

Enjoy your week! x

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Dear Pam
I love your Fleur de Lis - I also like the hook idea but I would paint them black (for my house)!
Amazing finds, I want to come shopping with you!
I've just done a post and you're featured!! I love LOVE love your soaps - my whole house smells divine now!
Shane xox

La Dolce Vita said...

love fleur de lys, they are my crest! my name in italian, giglio is lily and I adore them, great finds all, I know you will do great things with those fleurs!

baysiderose said...

Thanks for all the ideas - hooks sound great, but these are huge! Maybe for outside or in the entranceway mmmmmm...keep you all posted. Thanks!