Friday, November 12, 2010

circa 1970's Internal Archways

Another love them or hate them post!! ....I am referring to the internal archways in an original 1970's highset brick home.

 When we bought this house, the first thing I wanted to do was to remove this archway. I wanted a more modern and streamlined effect and it to be remodelled into a square finish.

Anyway, as time wore on and priorities changed, I can honestly say that I have come to like it. I am pleased we have only one archway in the house though. So it is staying!

This archway separates the small dining area and the lounge.

As you can see I have a collected some china over the years. I will be honest and own up to the fact that I do have a couple of cabinets filled to the brim!  Some would say I need china cabinets because I have too much china! Well, that is another story...

Take care and have a lovely weekend.



NessaKnits said...

Like anything it comes around again. And sometimes you just learn to love it because it is different. I love all your blue and white china! I was looking at a House and Garden today that has a Matt Blatt ad in it and low and behold, it has a glass ball bedroom light like in my parents room still, that is a reproduction for $495. How I hated that light growing up! LOL But everything comes round again!

maría cecilia said...

I was just looking at all those wonderful collections you have... instead of the archway, which I really liked it!!!

Rose H (UK) said...

I think your archway is lovely! So much nicer than a boring squared off one. Your home looks so beautiful, but you can't ever have enough china!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dining area, I lake it,very elegant!!!

Kisses and happy weekend.

Janette said...

I don't mind archways anymore either and I was only thinking about it the other day. My parents have a 70's house with two arches into both formal areas and I used to hate them but now I quite like it. it's just that little bit of character :)

Jenny said...

I don't mind the archway Pam, it doesn't look out of place or wrong. You do have quite a china collection there but it looks great. Enjoy your weekend. ;-)

Ky said...

I've always liked an archway. Gives a bit of character to an otherwise bland room.

Now, about that china. When are we going to see some close ups of it??? I would love to see what you have collected over the years Pam.

theoldboathouse said...

Sometimes its good to live with things for a while, your arch is perfectly fine and its good to have some features that are true to the style of your home. Look at those lovely clean floors Pam and how inviting that sneek at your rear deck looks...very Qld, cheers Katherine

Raine and Sage said...

I think the arch is fine too. It's amazing how living with something for awhile can change your initial thoughts. You have quite a collection - wow! X

Jenevieve said...

I think the archway looks nice, but you're home looks amazing!! Love th collection of china, the blue and whites look lovely! :) x

Thea said...

I like the archway too. I never thought about them being a 70's thing but you're right - we had them in our home built at the time. All looks good.

Julie-Ann said...

Pam normally I would say the arch HAS to go but not here. You really don't notice it as your eye is drawn to your beautiful china. And it makes a lovely division between the two rooms. And can a girl really have too much china- of course not lol.
Have a lovely weekend:)

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

It all looks wonderful to me Pam.
Funny, how we have these pre-conceived ideas that 'this' or 'that' are not quite the thing to 'have'!!!
I've moved on and in the main I'm quite OK about all the wrong things in my house - it's "HOME" after all and thats all that matters to me now!
If I like it - then that's ok!!

I always love your posts dear Pam - they make me think!!

Carmel said...

Youv'e made the archway works, it ivites you into the dining area.
My goodness, that certainly is 'some' china you have collected there. You could set up an eternal tea party, just like the mad hatter. Do you use it? Mine is currently stashed away in a sideboard as our house is so small, but I used to have a proper high tea with my English girlfriends once a week. Hmmm time to make room for them again!
Hoping you have a spiffing weekend Pam!