Friday, November 26, 2010

Garden Before and After

I have always been inspired by the English and European style of garden, must be part of my heritage I guess. I love curved pathways around garden beds and the magic of secret gardens. At the same time I love the formality of hedges, toparies and the balance and symmetry. Roses and creepers, rusty gazebos and is my garden. Hope you enjoy my journey in my Brisbane garden...

(Please excuse some of the photos as they are older and a tad over exposed taken with my previous camera).

My front garden embraces garden beds in shapes that have been followed by existing garden bed edges. Being quite an established garden around the lawn I was loathe to take out the existing tropical foliage which determine the boundary of the yard. It seemed such a waste and has now grown into a screen of privacy.

I had to find a way to bring tropical and semi-formal together. Sound like a weird combination? Well I think it works. The catalyst was when I fell in love with an iron gazebo that I thought I would make a feature of. The gazebo was placed in position and we basically dug up all of the lawn around it.
This is a 'BEFORE' shot  of the front lawn with the new gazebo being placed into position. Yes it looks wonky but this is the initial 'placement' stages, you can slightly see the pink paint outlining the pathways and the garden beds.

The lawn was of poor quality and very badly laid with craters and holes beginning to appear. Little did we know that the storm water pipe that ran through the garden had been previously crushed and covered over with lawn. I am convinced it would have contributed to the uneven ground level for years.  That plumbing problem was only recently fixed.

This is the view from upstairs looking down on the front yard. It gives a better perspective of what I was trying to achieve. We recycled some old cement pavers that were around the pool and laid a fine white 5ml chip stones in between. The garden beds are odd shapes which I love.

Photo not the best, taken through a net screen! Sorry.

The best part begins! The planting....I could not plant a garden without my beloved deciduous tropical birch trees, geraniums and roses.

Existing tropical on the left down this pathway, frangipani, palms, and strelitzias. More formal on the right, box hedging, orange Jessamine and a row of five conifers that are now planted on the right - a larger photo below.. My bit of Tuscany!


It's all coming together.

Apart from the initial watering until plants were established there is not much maintenance at all. As the lawn has gone - no mowing either!

Always something to take photos of from the garden this morning...

My front garden has been a labour of love for the past 3-4 years and changes madly with the seasons. The rose patch is combined with colourful cottage garden annuals and perennials that appear to co-exist harmoniously. Geraniums are cut back when they become unruly and grow back even more lush. Gardenias and jasmine contribute to the sweet scent in garden when it is their turn.

Can you tell I am infatuated with this garden?



Anonymous said...

Beautiful garden!!!
Kisses and nice weekend.

Life in the Country Lane said...

Wow Pam. You have done a great job of creating a peaceful haven. Not being a gardener myself - or blessed to be a natural at it - I admire the time, energy and cost that goes into a gorgeous 'green' space. Thank you for sharing your oasis.
Rebecca x

Ky said...

It's just beautiful Pam! You must love spending time out there. I know I'd be outside as much as possible if my garden was like yours. Unfortunately we rent, so I won't spend the money or time on making our gardens really special.

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Pam, that is a lovely garden! And that's what they're for, isn't it, to give their owners joy?

We lived in Toowoomba and had a row of conifers and a garden full of box hedges and Japanese Maples.

I miss it ... yours reminds me of it in places. Sigh.

Just Martha said...

I am relaxed just looking at your garden and your beautiful photos. Thank you...

Carmel's Closet said...

How lovely! I could quite happily spend a while here, with a book.. with a coffee ... chatting ... aaahh.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Infatuated - and so you should be dear Pam - you've created a very stylish Aussi/European garden.
Many of the gardens I saw in Europe had various planting themes too.
I lOve your exquisite gazebo, beautiful colour and so romantic.
The stone chip lifts and brings it all together!
Well done - I'm infatuated too!
Shane x

delia hornbook said...

Ohh Pam, its heaven so peaceful and tranquil and i bet the scents are amazing. You have created such a beautiful personnal space and i adore the gazebo i imagin little fairys hidden inside and swinging and dancing from its frame. On a cold frosty morning here in England i will imagin this all day now. Enjoy your beauty. Dee x

The Cloth Shed said...

Fabulous garden...I love the mix of tropical plants....streletzias how exotic!
You have one of my favourite plants too.... Agapanthus. I grow mine in pots and have had to quickly bring them in as the snow and frost has arrived earlier than expected here in England. Don't want to lose them!
Julie x

chair up said...

It's just delightful Pam. How is your box hedging doing? I didn't think it would grow here in QLD. I miss our NZ gardens with the lavender, roses, box etc... I just can't get excited by palms and gum trees I'm afraid.

Julie-Ann said...

What a gorgeous garden you have created Pam. I love the gazebo and the paving instead of the lawn. You have planted a lot of the same plants I have in my garden. Thanks for showing us:)

La Dolce Vita said...

oh my what a lot of work that was! and you have done a magnificent job! as I am a gardener too, I understand what this takes, did you use a landscape architect or did you design it yourself? love the balance you have struck with romance and tropics, very nice! xo

theoldboathouse said...

Gee Pam that was great to see. It is amazing how far it has come in such a short time. I couldn't believe how tiny the trees look compared to now. It is such a special garden, cheers Katherine

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Pam, the gazebo is looking gorgeous and I love the mossy pots.

Have a great weekend, Tamara

maría cecilia said...

A very wonderful labour of love my dear Pam!!! lots of work to have your own paradise , it all looks so beautiful at your garden... congrats!!!!
Wish I could have the same gazebo!!!
muchos cariños
maria cecilia

Beach said...

Yes I can, and I want that gazebo! Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my magazine article. xx

Fish Tail Cottage said...

a sanctuary of your own....curious what zone you are in? it's beautiful!