Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bringing Her Back

We are flying to Rockhampton to collect our yacht and sail her back to the RQ at Manly. I hope the winds are kind to us and the rain stays away.

On another note, Miss 18's room is still not completed. I wanted to have it done before I left today but her boyfriend suggested they would  finish off the painting. I wonder what that means?

The last time I saw them with paintbrushes in their hands they reminded me of the Papua New Guinea mud men. Absolutely swathed in white paint, however, in their defence they did manage to get some on the walls.

You will have to wait until I get back from sailing to see this budget project in all of it's glory! I do have a few crafty type posts scheduled for you so you can see what I have been making.

Take care.



Thea said...

You have much faith; I have professional painters at home today correcting the Mr's efforts. Have fun sailing! x

delia hornbook said...

Goodluck Pam, hope you manage to bring her home safe and sound. And i hope the painting is great when you get home. Look forward to seeing your craft projects on your return. take care Dee x

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh I'd much rather be sailing Pam!
So envious, but not long now - we are taking the boat up north and having Christmas with family at Bland Bay. The nephews will all be out hunting and gathering for crays, scallops, mussels etc....
is that you licking your chops?? he he!!

theoldboathouse said...

Hey Pam, HAve fun...its raining heavily here today so I hope that means there is no rain where you are, cheers Katherine