Thursday, May 5, 2011

In the Garden Today.

Back home now and straight into the garden!.
Using my well worn and loved rose fabric trimmed garden gloves of course!

The deal was if I had a vegetable garden, hubby could have a fish pond.
I really missed picking fresh herbs, along with our favourite
The veggie patch was prepared before we went away for a few days.

The only option we had was to dig up some of our lawn in the back yard.
It was the only space that was suitable in the full sun.

Hubby dug it up while I sat and watched.
I had the flu.

We used sleepers for the borders that we already had stashed awayin the garden shed.
My Dad has always told me that you have to put 'guts' into Brisbane soil.
So, in went well rotted compost.
Homemade, with heaps of lawn clippings and organic chicken poo fertiliser.
Sugar Cane Mulch on the top.

We have planted Parsley, Sage, Thyme (already have rosemary elsewhere), oregano and heaps of basil.
Leeks, tomatoes, silver beet and spinach is all we have in leafy greens and veggies.
There will be more added soon.

Quite a large garden when you see it, so we have a lot of space to fill up.

The deal was sealed and the beginnings of a fish pond loomed.

Passionfruit are amazing at the moment and the sweetest we have had.

After a very harsh pruning the roses are budding and it is nearly winter!

I bought these roses from the market on Sunday.
They are still in bud today and it is Thursday.
They have not opened.
I don't think they will.

Enjoy your Thursday and plant some herbs :)

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theoldboathouse said...

We both just did a garden post...syncronicity! The vege garden is a great idea and you do have a big back yard. Is it next to the pool. Where is the fish pond? Welcome back sailor.

Mina loves art said...

Oh I envy your mild Brisbane climate Pam - tomatoes wouldn't survive in the open here in Winter.
However I'm just removing the lst of the vines from summer - weren't great doers this year in Auck don't know why.
Me too - I have to have masses of herbs to pick all year.

Cozy Little House said...

I always plant herbs! Been planting them for over 20 years. Wouldn't be a garden for me without herbs. You will enjoy you fish pond too.

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Loved seeing the newly planted herb garden! How fun! And how fun to have a fish pond. Fun pics!


Sarah B said...

You've got to love a vegie patch. I'm trying to get mine ship shape for the next batch of seedlings. The compost wasn't composting well so it stinks! Molly dog loved it :)
You'll have to do an update when it all gets bigger x said...

Planting an herb garden is on my to-do list!!

Naturally Carol said...

Maybe all those fresh herbs will chase away some of those flu bugs in future! Happy gardening!

Tiff said...

It looks so fab Pam! Those herbs will be brilliant! I want to put some new garden beds in here too... it is a bit of a big job and I have to get my laborour on side first... he will come round I am sure! I want to get stuck in but keep running out of time. I hope to fit some gardening in this weekend...we will see (my sewing machine has had me under it's spell ever since I was inspired by all that gorgeous craft last weekend! X

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Calling by from Cottage Flora Thursday, it is interesting to view your garden creeping towards winter as we do the reverse here in Europe.

Nanniepannie said...

Good luck on your herb garden. We have some herbs in the garden here at Buttermilk Cottage, but they are scattered around. The Basil is right out the back door.

Katherines Corner said...

I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. I grow my herbs in the kitchen window. But our veggie garden is showing some sweet peas sprouts. The rest will be planted this weekend. We're adding eggplant this year to our already abundant garden:-)

Claus said...

Lovely veggie and herb garden Pam!! I have herbs at home, but they are in large pots. I once grew onions and chard, also in pots, but never tried again. This year, though, I am once again trying to grow a tomato plant. We'll see how that goes. They say it's easy, but for some reason it's been a nightmare for me! ha! :o)

have a lovely day!!

Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

Love your garden...I am partial to herbs but keep them in pots mostly.
Have a great day!

Fishtail Cottage said...

Love seeing veggies in a garden! Your sweet fishies are too cute! Thanks so much for joining Fishtail Cottage's, Cottage Flora Thursday's! xoxo, tracie