Monday, June 6, 2011

Cushions and Vintage Tapestry.

Whenever I start sewing cushion covers, the questions I am asked by certain members of my family are...
 Don't we have enough?, is my short miffed response.

I made a couple up on the weekend.

This is the new rosey fabric I found in a thrift store.
You can read about it here.

Now, for the ugly stuff!
A find in a thrift store.
I love vintage tapestries and it is not often that I find one that I am brave enough to sew into a cushion cover.
This one was taped on a part of an old corflute real estate sign.
As I was removing the brittle tape I noticed the rusty old drawing pin marks of another previous life.

After gently handwashing this piece in pure soap, I cut off all of the linen that I did not need..

Funnily enough, I find the muted tonings of this needlework very appealing.
It think it reminds me of my standard 'home' drawing I produced time after time as a child.
A cottage, trees and a river...sometimes I added the picket fence though!

The needlework is exquisite.
Quite neat on the back with beautiful french knots.

A sunny shot at home this morning.
I tell you, there is no under-cushioning around here!

This week my blog is being featured on the  Decorating Forum.
So Exciting!
The Decorating forum is a place to chat or ask questions/advice about  interior design, home decorating, renovation and lots more.


Michelle said...

definitely no such thing as 'too many cushions'! especially when they are a beautiful ecclectic mix as yours! have a great week, Michelle x

The Pink Poodle said...

the cushions look gorgeous..
I especially love the needlework one, it is very peaceful

you have done another great job...

xx andrea

brismod said...

You find the nicest fabrics. Love the tapestry cushion. xx

Anonymous said...

I think I may have drooled a little bit looking at your floral cushion! Congratulations on getting your blog featured too :)

Julie-Ann said...

I thought the floral cushion was stunning until you showed that tapestry cushion. What a beautiful find. I want to come thrift shopping with you Pam if we are going to find gems like those.
We are so excited to be featuring your gorgeous blog this week on the Decorating Forum. Thanks Pam:)

Jenny said...

Lovely cushions Pam. I got a bit inspired myself and attempted a couple of cushions. I did it - and surprisingly I am happy with them! No zips though, that's way too advanced for me! Little steps... ;-)

Mystica said...

You've done a marvellous job of transforming the needlework into a real piece of beauty.

Sarah B said...

I agree, you can never have to many cushions. I have a few I'm keen to make as well. Your tapestry one turned out so well!
Congrats on your feature, that's exciting!
ps thanks for your lovely comment about my studio room x

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Just gorgeous Pam...and I do recognise the fabric...your tapestry come up must have been covering a little footstool or something before maybe with the drawing pin marks? Love it and you can never have too many cushions I say.
Kiss Noises Linda

Naturally Carol said...

What a preposterous question..too many cushions indeed! Never! Your new set of beauties look great. The tapestry one reminds me of the colours and look of the forties..a rare find.

Jayne said...

Your cushions are charming! I have heard the same in my house, where I needlepoint the likeness of each of my dogs. My dughter thinks it is becoming quite dreary as they do pass away but the pillows live on! But I love them! I am with you, never too many!

Helen said...

I think that cushions my be your one weakness?
They are gorgeous !!
Helen xx

jeanetteann said...

They are both lovely, we are probably all the same cushaholics. xx

Raine and Sage said...

You've got such a great eye Pam. The floral fabric converted into cushions look so lovely. I like the boldness and vibrant colours.
You'll have to put some cushions on etsy! I could model sitting with your cushions if I get a break from my Simplicity gig.

Tiff said...

All your cushions are so gorgeous! There is no such thing as too many.... as I keep telling my husband! The tapestry one looks so wonderful! The look perfect in your living room! X

polkadotpeticoat said...

Very nice and a lovely shot from inside!
So pretty!