Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crabs and SD Cards.

Thanks so much for your comments on my photographs from my previous post. It certainly means a lot to me as I love to show you my images.

I received a lot of emails asking me about the blue soldier crabs that we came across on Moreton Island. So this part of the post is dedicated to those crab lovers out there, young and old. These creatures are amazing!

There is always one in the crowd isn't there? Puffing himself up and daring to fight you.

These crabs emerged enmasse on the falling tide. When they feel threatened or disturbed  they burrow into the sand in a corkscrew motion. Yes, it was fascinating to me and I spent a lot of time trying to capture images of these gorgeous little things. They are so quick!

There he goes...dive...dive...dive!

All tucked away!

Here they are in an army - one of the many that were marching around the place. Evidently, this crab is the only species that walks in a straight line

After taking a substantial amount of photos, I tried to download them from the camera to the computer when the SD card read 'card not accessible.' Well! You can imagine the fumes and frustration I felt.

I was unable to access the photos at all. Apparently, this can happen with no explanation. I never take my SD card out of my camera choosing to save the photos on my external hard drive so there was no damage to the card itself. I then delete all images on the SD card. Then I start the process all over again.

You can see the compromise in quality of these crab photos can't you?  - these are the retrieved ones.

However, I will confess to you what I did the other day when I posted about my photos that I had lost. It is not very often that I edit my photos, apart from cropping them for which I use Google Picasa. I was having a big clean-up and organising images in folders etc. and of course deleting the ones I did not want to keep. I was doing this through Picasa not realising when I deleted an image it deletes it from all other photo files I have.

Being fair to Picasa, it was my own fault really as it always asked me if I wanted to permanently delete this photo, of course I said yes, not realising it  can delete it forever from any other photo software! Only a mere few were sent to the recycling bin that were retrievable.

After finding suitable software on the net I was able to retrieve the photos. The colours and clarity aren't the same, but I have them nevertheless.

Always something new to learn, and I wanted to share my trials with an SD card and my ridiculous errors I made trying to organise photos files! Oh and sharing those blue creatures of the sea with you.


A Treasured Past said...

Thank you Pam for sharing more photos of the soldier crabs. Kade will be please when he gets home from school.

I know what you mean about the picasa thing, I have done it too, but have deleted what I thought was a duplicate, but was actually posted to my blog....live and learn they say.

Have a lovely day, Tam x

Rose H (UK) said...

Those crabs are amazing Pam! Thank you for sharing with us :o)

Michelle said...

how nice to sit back and enjoy the nature pleasures that surround us! Michelle xx

Deb said...

I'm sorry you lost so many photos. I didn't know that could happen either.

helen tilston said...

I loved your last post and dont believe I got around to thanking you.
Those blue crabs are fascinating and thank you for sharing. I have learned something new.
Are they edible?
Glad you learned about your SD card.

Helen xx

Favourite Vintage Finds said...

All wonderful photos from Moreton Island Pam! Thank you for sharing them! xo

Olive and Esther said...

Always fascinated by the crabs at 1770 Pam, could watch them forever!!

Tiff said...

Those crab pictures are so amazing! I love the detail and how we see the crab disappear ... A beautiful life moment in pictures! I am so glad you could retrieve some pictures... It can be so annoying how the can be suddenly unaccessible! It has happened to me too. I think, as the annoying Tech guys at work keep telling us... Backing up is the answer... Shame I hardly ever do it! Must put it on my list! You won't believe it but I am sick again, so annoying! I can't wait until the weather is warmer! Happy week dear, catch you soon! (Steve got me a Canon 18mp with some lenses and hd movie recording with big screen! it is so scrummy! Just have to learn how to use it properly!) x

Makeminemidcentury said...

that's not good about the photos ... hmmm. Technology, I've always been suspicious of it.

I'm showing these crabs to Martha Mary. She thinks she's a crab.

vintage mum said...

Thanks Pam its always a pleasure to see such fun pics
Cate x

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Pam, this was an intriguing look at the life of a soldier crab..love the closeups. Thank you for sharing re the photos..I will store up that info. I ran out of memory and had to buy $5 worth from Google..has anybody else had to do that?

BeachVintage.com said...

Love the good old soldier crab. Reminds me of family beach holidays when I was young.

Billy Angel said...

I haven't seen soldier crabs since I was a child. They strangely bring back lovely memories. Love your photos.

Linda said...

Hi Bayside Rose --- I just discovered your blog!
What a beauty! I am also your Newest FOLLOWER!

I love beachy/coastal blogs...yours is precious and I especially love that little 'ole crab - excellent shots of the whole hiding/clamming process.

Am going to add you to my beachy blog roll (later today or tomorrow -remind me if I get busy!)

I'm in South Florida, USA

If you have an etsy store or anything, I'll add to my beachy keen shops section.

Enjoy your beautiful beach.

Happy Sand and Sea Saturday!