Monday, October 3, 2011

Gold Coast High Rise and A Beach Cottage

 I spent the weekend at Broadbeach with my sister for a 'girls' weekend. I used to live on the Gold coast and so much  has changed. From amazing new playgrounds to new and fabulous shops.
Thanks Gold Coast we had a ball.

Amidst the jungle of high rises and holiday resorts look what we found!
A gorgeous cottage tucked away.
Unsure whether it is new or is an old fibro shack that has been extensively renovated...
...but it is so cute with the white picket fence, the hedge and the petunias...(sigh)

I really thank the architects and the owners for thinking outside the box and for being responsible for this stunning find.
A beach cottage.
Surely this is a strong statement in the midst of a string of high rises, that are an international feature and stretch along the 31kms of most beautiful beaches?

So cute!

Have a lovely week and I hope to catch up on your blogs soon.

Pam x


Stylish Settings said...

I wish there were more beach cottages on the coast. Unfortunately there are not many left. Glad you had a lovely weekend.
Kylie x

flowersandhome said...

Love that cute beach cottage! Some amazing sky scrapers you show us here too. But I certainly prefer the cottage. Must be very surprising among those tall buildings.

Naturally Carol said...

The cottage is exquisite, right down to the beautiful tiles on the front path!

Makeminemidcentury said...

We're often in Broadbeach because that's where my parents are. I love the people who keep the old 1960s unit blocks and defy the big developers. That little house would be worth a squillion, yet it looks delightfully sweet and out-of-place.

Good for them!!

Cozy Little House said...

I don't think I'll ever rest until I get a white picket fence in some variety. Where you are visiting is beautiful! So good to have a girl's weekend.

Belle Inspirations said...

OH JUST BEAUTIFUL! would love to look inside. Hope you had a lovely weekend xx

beachside cottage Linda said...

Hi - so glad you had a great weekend - thanks for sharing the photos - I got to visit vicariously ;o)

I love that cute cottage, too, with the sweet trellis and fence and flowers - perfect...I get the feeling the cottage might have been there first and the mighty overgrowth happened around it in the 70s and later...the plight of our delightful seaside towns...

Have a great week!

beachside cottage

theoldboathouse said...

I love the path too. I can see you in that cottage Pam, crafting away, xx Katherine

Restyled Vintage said...

that cottage is so gorgeous! We are headed up to the Gold Coast later this week to catch up with my parents who are holidaying there...they thought it was too far to come to us in Port Macquarie so we are going to them *sigh* oh well I do love Gold Coast holidays :)

xx Karen

polkadotpeticoat said...

that cottage is just dreamy!

A Treasured Past said...

Gorgeous cottage. So glad you have decided to keep blogging, I would miss your fantastic photos. Hope all is well, I have quite a bit to catch up on, Tam x

Delisa said...

Hi Pam! What beautiful pictures! It looks like the perfect vacation spot. The view is breathtaking. I love the cottage too, it really stands out and looks so inviting! Glad to hear you had such a wonderful weekend! Have a lovely evening. Delisa :)

Tiff said...

The Gold Coast is full of funny contradictions! Both beach cottages I lived in in Main Beach are now the sites of high rise buildings... so sad, long live the beach cottage! This is a stunning example too! X