Monday, October 31, 2011

Break the Rules!

I cannot believe the prolific blooming of these sweet peas.
They are glorious and just going on forever.
I have never planted them before because I always missed the deadline for planting in March.

How silly is that really, considering the temperate Brisbane climate?

For all of the Brisbane gardeners out there, I broke the rules and planted a couple of punnets of seedlings in the middle of May! 
 Now I feel I have missed out on these beauties for all of these years! 
....but, I am really enjoying them now.

Pam x


the old boathouse said...

They are stunning Pam! Thank you again for hosting a fabulous beautiful, so much fun! Xxxx Katherine

Cozy Little House said...

Your images are so lovely! I smiled when I saw all the pretty teacups.

Anonymous said...

Nice one, Pam! I broke the rules too and mine are doing brilliantly as well...yay for us big rebels! Hope you have a great day :)
Cas x

flowersandhome said...

Love the Sweetpeas and your beautiful flowery cups!

Deb said...

Sweetpeas are my favourite flower. Their fragrance is divine. Lucky you!

Naturally Carol said...

That's a very handy tip thanks Pam..maybe one of these years I'll have sweet peas too! I love the floral cup/sweet pea combinations.

Barn House Antiques said...


Rose H (UK) said...

Hello Pam!
I love sweet peas but I don't grow them as living close to the fields each Summer we have and invasion of thrips or thunder flies as the locals call them, and they play havock with sweet peas. Tour tea cups are SO pretty too.

Thank you for your sweet visit, I hope you weren't too scared!
Best wishes
Rose H

Georgie said...

Lovely photos of the sweet peas; I can practically smell them! Ours were planted too late so they were rather disappointing. I also love all those fabulous wallpapers, they are very inspiring.

Belle Inspirations said...

How beautiful are those images, so captivating, well done. Have a lovely week xx said...

What a fabulous shot , love it Pam, must have been taken just before I turned up! Have a great week.

polkadotpeticoat said...

You break rules perfectly!

polkadotpeticoat said...

The rug is made of wool its a Dash and Albert.
I use to sell this line in my store before I closed and the day I found out they had discontinued this one I ran it to the took my husband a month to recognize the new found item...hehe!

Tiff said...

Those sweet peas looked fantastic on the table! What a lush, beautiful decoration! I am going green looking at those stunning china cups!!! x