Saturday, November 26, 2011

Orchid Education for Dummies

Having never had much to do with orchids, I think I am slowly falling in love with this one.
It seems to look better and better every day.
It has been on the dining table for a month now and was wondering what I have to do with it?
I have watered it a couple of times and made sure that it does not sit in any water, but that is all.
I am in need of some orchid education for dummies please!

Pam x


Makeminemidcentury said...

Oh, it's spectacular.

I don't know anything about looking after orchids, other than they're difficult creatures.

Yours is so beautiful. Aren't flowers perfection?

Sarah B said...

It's so so perfect! My mum has a couple of these that mostly live in her greenhouse as it's too cold in Tassie for them as a general rule. I'm not sure how to look after these ones. My cymbidium orchids are very neglected but they seem ok with that.
Yours just doesn't look real! Stunning :)

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Oh I thought you were going to give me some information on Orchids...I know only one thing about them...they are pretty!! Looks like you have done a great job with that one..Kiss Noises Linda

Rose H (UK) said...

I have a love affair with these gorgeous flowers Pam.
Keep it out of direct sunlight, (mine are kept near a north facing window) I check to see if they need watering weekly, and half strength liquid feed with orchid flower feed or growth feed every other time I water. After the flowers have died off if the stalk is still viable count up the stem from the bottom three 'breaks' where buds may devolop and cut off at an angle with sharp scissors just above the third break. If the flower stalk has also died cut off at the base. Do not re-pot until you really must. and then only into orchid compost.
I have around 18Phalaenopsis plants(!) and they've been flowering successfully now for about five years. Sometimes I have as many as 12 in flower at once, but at the moment 5 are in full flower and another six in bud.
Hope that wasn't too boring...
Rose H

Mimi said...

Me too, I really need help. A beautiful friend sent me an Orchid in September marking the Anniversary of my Mum passing away. I don't have any flowers on it. It is not dead but not looking great! Mimi xx

Jenny said...

Hi Pam, I thought you were writing this post for me as I am in exactly the same boat. Mine looked like yours for a while but the flowers are gone now - so what to do next? Let me know when you get some more tips. All I know is to not over water. ;-)

Laura said...

Hi Pam, i think i love your orchid too! its just breathtaking!! Orchids just have such perfect shape and colour, dont they?
have a wonderful weekend!
laura xxx

Hayley said...

there is something so beautiful about flowers... and these are beauties =)

delia hornbook said...

That is beautiful Pam. Im not very good with house plants i had an orchid early on this year it flowered and then sadly died so im sorry i can't offer you any advice. dee x

polkadotpeticoat said...

These are so pretty, I have one that Did well for so long and then I over watered it......are they hearty?

flowersandhome said...

Beautiful orchids!!! I don't know how she does it, and she doesn't know either, but my grandmother must be the orchidwizzard or something. Her orchids always do so very well and keepprocucing new stems at a time while I have to be satisfied with one stem a time. So, all I can tell you: don't look after them too much, leave them be, not much water, not too much repotting, I have one for the fourth year in the same soil as I got it in and it still does well, when the leaves are gone, but they stay on looooooong, just cut the stem but leave a bit of stem on, so not cut it to the core of the plant and then just wait till new stems form. Easy plant but as I said, a bit whimsical.