Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vintage Postcard Inspiration

We received a postcard in the mail the other day from friends who are in Donostia - San Sebastian.
This inspired me to think about the last time I received one...I just can't remember. I assumed everyone used a form of social media these days..Facebook, Twitter or mobile phones.

As a young child, a postcard was an expected and eagerly awaited piece of communication from Mum and Dad.
'Don't forget to send a postcard!' was the last murmured words when departing on beach holidays with relatives.
I also remember spending hours choosing a postcard to incite the most modest pangs of jealousy for my sister to endure. Usually beach-side images did the trick!

Wonder what my children's reaction would be if I asked them to write a postcard, buy a stamp and post it.
 In fact, it is not something I would even think about these days 
Now-a-days it's ' don't forget your mobile, chat to you on Facebook!'

Receiving this postcard has prompted a bit of research and this confirmed how huge postcard collecting is, all over the world. There is a UK website here where there is so much information on collecting, history and up and coming post card events.

Having two vintage postcards in my collection I bought in an antique shop not long ago, I realise my meagre collection is a far cry from the thousands that I am sure some collectors have.
I thought these were particularly gorgeous because of the roses and sails.

Hand-written Birthday wishes.

I also came across these ...




Did you know that the official name of postcard collecting is Deltiology?
Are you a Deltiologist?


Sarah B said...

How interesting - a deltiologuist! I never knew that. I love postcards. I have a few old ones but also a lot of new ones, mostly fromn one friend who travels a lot. I haven't send any for a while, but then I have only been to places for such a short period of time that I'd beat the postcard home. I do find mobiles useful, especially for sending a text overseas but just don't enjoy Facebook. I find a lot of it just so inane - so many unneccesary comments about what people just ate and so on! I love a handwritten note received in the mail :)

Mystica said...

This reminds me I had a stash of these post cards somewhere!

delia hornbook said...

aww what a lovely post. We haven't sent a post card for a few years either. I must do it this time when i go to Greece next month. I have a few vintage ones also like you they are pretty flower and ladies ones. The words on the back and the front are so lovely in fact the one i have is to his sweetheart. Its like holding a little piece of history in your hands. Lovely post, dee x

ladychiara said...

I loved your cards and yes apparently I am a Deltiologist. Among my many and varied collections I have a large collection of beautiful vintage postcards. None of mine are of any monetary value but I bought them for their beauty and because I love them.
It seems sad to think that postcards may fade into history as something of the past.Vintage cards always seem so much prettier to me.I love reading the messages on my old cards.Thanks for sharing yours and for teaching me a new word! :)

Makeminemidcentury said...

I have a stack of postcards I bought when I tripped around Europe about 15 years ago. They bring back lots of memories.

I hadn't thought they'd gone out of vogue, but then I haven't been on a holiday worth writing home about for years!

We used to love getting postcards from Mum and Dad when we were little, too!

Tara said...

Thank you for your sweet comments for Winston..I can't remember the last time I received a postcard.It's always emails these days..xx

A Treasured Past said...

Gorgeous postcards, Pam. Believe it or not, we are old school. We don't use a mobile phone (probably the only ones), aren't on facebook or twitter, and still love to send and receive postcards. Tam x

Ruby & Rose Interiors said...

Dear Pam ~ I love San Sebastian and I love vintage postcards! Mx

Tiff said...

What gorgeous postcards! I love to get them, and it is rare when I do! My children get postcards often from their grandma, and they love to choose postcards to send to her when we are on holidays! I would love the children to remember the delight of getting real mail! It is a shame that so many modern ones are a bit gaudy, old postcards seem so much more stylish! I have a few but don't really collect them so I definately don't qualify for that funny name! Hope you had a lovely weekend! X

Jenny said...

Gosh, you learn something everyday in blogworld! I think the whole letter/post card writing is becoming a thing of the past sadly. Usually you get home before the postcard in some cases too. ;-)

brismod said...

I love sending and receiving postcards but like many who have commented, we haven't been anywhere postcard worthy for ages. Great post Pam. xx

Jenevieve said...

Love the vintage postcards! I love receiving postcards, but unfortunately don't get to visit places often to send them! :) x

T's Daily Treasures said...

I didn't know there was a proper name for a postcard collector. My aunt in North Carolina is definitely a deltiologist. I still collect postcards wherever I go. Your small collection is lovely. Have a great day. Tammy

polkadotpeticoat said...

I love them I guess thats a big yes...what a fancy word for collecting!

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

I adore old postcards...the writing is so beautiful, much more elegant than writing today..penmanship was an art in needed to be able to write beautifully....and write full words and sentences not the sill abbreviated burble the kids send on their phones.
I have a collection of old cards but it is also a meagre collection..I also have a collection of beautiful modern postcards bought on my know the ones you buy for friends and family and you never actually send so they come home in your suitcase and you try and work out if you have enough time and won't be seen to pop them in their letterboxes on the way home from the airport...or is that just me?
Kiss Noises Linda ( I do wish you could come on Thursday) moi

jeanetteann said...

Oh lovely, I love the Victorian ones. When I was a child, postcards were sent not only from holidays but instead of a letter. The cost if I remeber rightly was a 3 halfpennies. Now does that make me sound ancient or what. It's just amazing how much has changed in 50yrs. I just received a post card from friends on holiday in the UK and France with a picture of a canal boat, then I received an email from my brother and his wife also on hols there and they have bought one, (a canal boat)a coincidence hey. x

Naturally Carol said...

The vintage postcards are so interesting! My daughter likes to take a photo on her phone of herself with a georgeous background and send these to her friends with a 'wish you were here' message..the modern postcard!

Fancy Vintage said...

I love, love love all your postcards.
Yes maybe I am a little collector to of postcards.
We have a competition in our family that we have to find the funniest or silliest or most odd postcard. It is really funny and now it has spread to birthday cards and sometimes if we are lucky silly presents too! hahaha
becca xx