Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beechmont Surprises.

We took a drive down to the Gold Coast Hinterland today.
Friends of ours have bought 150 acres at Beechmont.
Prime real estate on top of the mountain.
After looking at their plans for their amazing new home I was really keen to see their piece of paradise.
And what a glorious paradise they have found.

This will be the view from the Eastern side of the house.
It was a bit hazy today for photos, and on a good day the views stretch  from North Stradbroke Island to Coolangatta and much more I am sure.
Depends where you are taking the photo from of course!

This will be the view from the Western side of their home.
Stunning Gold Coast Hinterland.

On the way home, we stopped off at a small park.
We came across a lovely babbling river, complete with rocks!

Gorgeous autumn foliage.

We were strolling along the pathway,
 taking in all the natural beauty feeling nice and relaxed,enjoying the serenity of it all...

... then  we came across this car that had obviously been driven off a very old wooden bridge.

Do hope no-one was injured too badly.


Makeminemidcentury said...

Oh! Look at that car. Good to see the airbags deployed. Pity they were in the front and not on the side.

Other than that, the views and babbling brook are just gorgeous. You really make me want to get out more, Pam!

Vintage from the Village said...

Wow what a place to live ! Am a bit envious sat here in my 3 bed semi !!
Shame about the car though
Sue x

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Gorgeous photos Pam and what a divine place to live!
I could have stayed at that babbling brook for a long time, it looks so calm and inviting if one wanted to throw some pebbles in perhaps.
Oh dear...that poor car..imaging how scared those people would have been and yes I am with you I hope they weren't too badly injured.. and i would like to now point out to my husband that my irrational fear of driving over or under bridges is for this very reason...see it is rational..
on that note...kiss noises Linda (still hoping you will be here Thursday) :)

Tiff said...

Stunning pictures! Love that view!
They are going to love the peace and quiet there! X

**Anne** said...

I do love your photos of the river and trees. Beautiful.
Anne xx

Deb said...

Gorgeous photos, those mountain views remind me of home.

polkadotpeticoat said...

So beautiful...oh except that accident!

vintage mum said...

Lovely views bet they can't wait to get started.

When you said car I somehow thought of an old wreck, what a scary drop that must have been.

Thanks for your kind thoughts.
Cate x

delia hornbook said...

wow those views they are going to have are incredible and so very peaceful. I loved your photo's but my favorite was the first trees over the river one that is beautiful the colours the light the reflection on the water just breath taking, dee x

chrisartist said...

Beautiful views. Looks like a perfect location.
Loved the photography

Naturally Carol said...

Hi..after admiring hinterland views, babbling brooks and autumnal reflections it was a bit of a shock to look at a late model car on it's side and wonder who dunnit! Definitely a view you wouldn't expect in such a peaceful setting.

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Rose, I'm new to your blog, but I see a few familiar faces which is probably how I bloghopped over here! You have such lovely photos.

The Beechmont area is just gorgeous isn't it? Like others, I have a narrow bridge phobia too... and now I know why. cheers Wendy