Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Waiting for Mollie Makes.

Can't wait to get my hands on the new UK lifestyle and craft magazine Mollie Makes.
I even have my name on a waiting list at our local newsagency.
I am sure many other Aussie crafty and vintage lovers have done the same and are anxiously waiting.

Just loving these adorable crochet covers on these apples...so cute!

I was enormously surprised when Mollie Makes Edition One was sold on Ebay UK yesterday for AUS$43 equivalent.

Hoping we get edition one out here as it has been so sought after that it has sold out and no back issues are available now.
However, you can check out the Mollie Makes website here
 for their giveaway.

Take a peek at their very clever video.

Homes decorated with a vintage style from all over the world are also featured in this magazine.
Can't wait to get it - don't want a digital copy - I want the real thing!

Have a great day.


Kate Lewis-Driver said...

it looks like a gorgeous mag! i had never heard of it. love the cute clip :) i entered the comp too :)
have a lovely week, Kate x

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Yes well, I narrowly missed out on a copy on eBay here....(know anything about that? hehe) but never fear I have entered the giveaway to win on of 40 first editions and you know I am going to win...fingers crosed.
I think the magazine looks wonderful and I can not wait either...I am a serious magazinaholic you know..must be a group for that..one where we sit around and read magazines all day...ha ha..
Kiss Noises Linda

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

This looks like a really 'must have' magazine for us Pam.

I hadn't heard of it - so I guess I must be "out of the loop"!!!!!

Thanks for the heads up!

Naturally Carol said...

Fun video! Loving those little apple covers..I can't remember whose blog I saw them featured on though. Did you see the block last night and that the vintage decorated one won?

Sarah B said...

It looks like an interesting magazine. It must be popular to go for so much on Ebay. I'm like you, I like the real thing, not digital. I find it difficult taking in digital mags on the internet. Please let us know what it's like if you manage to track it down :)

jeanetteann said...

I have never heard of it but I love,Love, Love it, what a sweet little advertisement. Hope we can get it in South Aus x

Jenny said...

Loved the clip and have my fingers crossed that you get a real copy Pam. ;-)

Tiff said...

Ohhh I want a copy too! I love finding a new magazine to get hold of! I am off and racing to find out if I can get one here! Thanks for the introducion to it my dear friend!!! See you soon! X

Stylish Settings said...

Looks lovely. I love the ad where the girls all get together in a workshop to make things. What a fun day chatting and making things.
Thanks for letting us know. Kylie