Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nearly there!

Following on from my previous post when we were last at Cooktown. I have to say many more visual delights were in store for us from our great Aussie countryside.

We had many river crossings in front of us and we made most of them in our Suzuki Grand Vitara. There was a surprised look on many 4WD fanatics' faces as they looked in disbelief. We were well equipped with a snorkel fitted to the car and appropriate tyres, and a host of other extras. Such a business!!

After much deliberation and calculating going on we decided to bail and not go across the Palm Creek Crossing which is the first river crossing you come to on the Old Telegraph track. Guess you can see why. Many others crossed it with far larger vehicles than ours with no problems.

Relics of evidence of a harsh life in the bush were dotted along the way. This was the the' Old Laura' homestead.

 Eucalyptus forests

One of the highlights of this trip for me was visiting the fields of Red Lotus Lily ponds just North of where we set up camp at Kalpower.  The best part was we had them all to ourselves. So quiet and peaceful that we took the time to sit and marvel at the water birds, frogs and the lotus flowers and their artistic seed pods.

We stumbled upon fascinating age old fossils in beautiful big rocks along river banks. 

We camped out on the banks of the Normandy river over looking the stunning sandbanks and boulders at Kalpower, Lakefield National Park. The only way across...

As you leave Cooktown driving North to the tip, the roads are gravel, very straight and very, very dusty. It is challenging driving, continually being blinded by oncoming travel billows of dust, but you just learn to drive safely. You just have to - no turning back now!

The Aussie landscape is constantly changing and we were now looking at grassy plains with termite mounds...

Then the beautiful Brolgas were quietly feasting on tasty morsels in the swampy grasslands.

Next stop: Bamaga just south of the tip. We organised a chopper ride to see it from the air first. It landed on the beach where we were staying. Magnificent! Show you later. 

Thoughts are with Kylie, a Brissie blogger from Stylish Settings who is faced with a new challenge in her life and shared her personal journey. What a brave woman! A new diagnosis can be extremely tough and I look forward to following it with you and supporting you Kylie.

Pam xx


polkadotpeticoat said...

What an amazing place, so different from where I live.
I'm off for another look....

Kate Lewis-Driver said...

it looks like a fab holiday! i so enjoy your photography Pam.
I agree with you re Kylie! she's a brave girl alright. i'm cooking up her latest recipe for dinner tonight! Kate x

Rose H (UK) said...

WOW! I'm bowled over Pam, what stunning places. I agree the Brolgas IS beautiful, and I'd never heard of them, thank you for introducing them to me :o)
Gorgeous photos.
Rose H

Caterina Giglio said...

oh I have not been by in ages, my loss... what an amazing trip, just outstanding images!

jeanetteann said...

Yes we live in a very beautiful country. So much to explore,it will take a life time. Lovely images.

As a fellow Aussie, thinking of Kylie too xx

jeanetteann said...

PS Made Kylie's Chorizo curry last night with the Chorizo's in. Absolutely delicious. Left out the chilli though. x