Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Tip!

That's what it is called. It is almost a pilgrimage to get here. As you get closer to the tip it appears to be a close knit family of travellers with something in common. We wave to each other, we chat to each other, we stop to help and support each other when someone has stopped on the side of the road. All those old fashioned country values.
On our travels we met:
Young families.
Families with babies.
Groups of fishermen.
Groups of women.
New South Welsh persons.
South Australians.
Just about every group you could imagine. Single men were travelling up to the Tip.
I even met a young couple from Weipa who had travelled down to Cairns for supplies and were returning home. After a bit of a conversation it turns out I knew the husbands' librarian grandmother. No matter how large the world it is sometimes very small.

Left hand side is the tip of Australia. That is where you walk to.

The tip at a different angle.

Amazing slate-like rock formations.

We camped at Elliot Falls, crystal clear pure water which we swam in and no crocodiles.

Memorabilia left at Flying fish point. There are a lot of these shrines around up here. 

Campsite on the beautiful beach front at Umagico, Bamaga.

Fruit Bat Falls just super, super stunning. Once again crystal clear waters we just dived into on a such a hot day.

Crystal creek we had to cross. White sand crystal clear water - just had to have another dip!

White marble stones were on the road, as were masses of carnivorous plants, growing wild

Hmmm. The serenity of all these places was just remarkable. Pristine and natural.

Pam xx


Sarah B said...

Every part of it looks amazing Pam. It must have felt special to make it right up to the very top :)
Keep safe x

Stylish Kylie said...

Oh wow Pam. How beautiful. The Tip is definately on my bucket list.

**Anne** said...

Pam, I've just caught up with your travels after returning home from Europe. Thank you so much for taking the time to blog about your journey and sharing your gorgeous photos. I know how much time it takes to put it all together.
I've never really thought I would want to go up to the top of Australia, but your photos have me wanting to do just that.
Enjoy and thank you once again,
Anne xx

Tiff said...

Love your travel pics, Pam! x