Monday, April 18, 2011

UK Decorator Mags and Patchwork Inspiration.

A selection of some of the Decorator Mags that my husband bought back from the UK for me. He came home on the weekend with a very heavy suitcase!

These fabulous mags are photographed on my new ironing board cover from Cath Kidston. Yay!  I probably could have made one as someone suggested to me, but sometimes you just have to buy new.

I don't know if the cover will improve my ironing skills but reading the Good Housekeeping magazine may give me a few tips.
 I have to be honest and say this mag was not on the list..but a great read anyway!
maybe it was the 'Reclaim your waistline article he wanted me to read!!! :)

A photograph in the Ideal Home magazine caught my eye - a patchwork quilt.
This was included in a spread called "Upcycled Retreat' Embrace Eco Style for an eclectic colourful scheme that's chic and unique.

There is a link for step by step quilt instructions here, by Cherry Menlove.
A quilt very similar to the one I am trying to make and that I have previously posted about.
Cherry uses the same size squares - that's what caught my interest.

 Image photographed from latest Ideal Homes Magazine

I see patchwork everywhere now!

 Image from the latest Country Homes Idea Magazine here.

 Bright and beautiful, Arne Jacobsen’s seminal Egg Chair, by artist Tal R.

 Image from here

I love this Chesterfield available from the UK company Squint.

Image from here

Have a wonderful day!
Pam x


fairchildstreet said...

Beautiful patchwork. Charmaine

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Love Love Love those magazines and your new ironing board cover. ( My favourite is Country Living). What a great husband to bring those back for you. Those chairs look so wonderful too, makes me want some just the same.
Your patchwork quilt is going to look perfect..see you are trendy....everyone is doing it!
Have a wonderful day,
Kiss Noises Linda

Anonymous said...

I love your ironing board cover. I've been thinking of making one, but if I can find a perfect one like you have I may not have to.


Cozy Little House said...

I'm going to tell you right now, patchwork will be everywhere you look from now on. I became enamored of them at around 30, and made my first one soon after. I'm 54 now and I still have them layered all over the house!

brismod said...

The patchwork chesterfield and egg chair are very cool. I hope your hubby didn't buy you the ironing board cover too...if he did he's got good taste. xx

Heidi said...

I love that couch....your iron board cover is so beautiful how can you not want to iron all day long! and
Magazines to me are so inspiring also, as are lovely blogs!
Have a great rest of the week.

Naturally Carol said...

I love simple is so pixelly..haha!...modern and old & comfy looking simultaneously. I would love to make a simple big squared one some time..I've done a tablecloth but not a throw or bed cover. One day!

NessaKnits said...

I just vote we clone your husband. I could never imagine my husband buying them for me... ever!

Squirrelhaus said...

I need to revamp my ironing board to make ironing more fun!!! Yours is totally cute.
Such a nice hubby to bring back so many nice magazines for you!!!!
Have a great week!
Chris :o)

Raine and Sage said...

Wow Pam, what a good man to bring you all those goodies back! We've the perfect weather for a good mag too! Anything that may cheer up the ironing experience is money well spent I say.
I love the whole image of that patchwork quilt, the white painted brick wall and black iron bed. I've a friend who does wonderful patchwork in Asian silks, and they're modern, beautiful, yet that old world feel combined. I can see why people get hooked on it. And yes - I see it everywhere too!

delia hornbook said...

aaawwww what a wonderful husband those magazines are expensive bless him. Love the egg chair very retro and that sofa Wow imagine that in a white house ;-)) Enjoy your lovely mags, dee x

Make mine Mid-Century said...

What a great post, Pam.

I'm sending my husband to the UK to buy magazines, now, too!

How's the quilt? You'll love it when it's finished, I promise!

Patchwork is for the 10s, what tie-dye was for the 60s? Or is that not a great analogy?

Deb said...

Amazing patchwork for sure. Is that Twiggy on the cover?! Wow. You have a great husband to buy you all those lovely magazines.

Bee happy said...

Enjoy reading these mags, you have some of my favourites there :) Love the ironing board cover.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

vintage mum said...

Country Living is my all time fave mag it's ages before I can bare to part with any (I keep a stack next to the bed :)

I would love to patchwork my chesterfield but wouldn't know where to start.
Glad to hear hubby is home safely
Cate x

Tiff said...

That ironing board cover is just gorgeous! I use my ironing board for photos all the time so you are really going to love it! I love those mags and that patchwork is becoming a MUST do project for me! Those pics settled it! I really love the big squares! X

Beach said...

Hi Pam, that is definitely an incentive to iron!

Ky said...

Hahahahaha, patchwork is so versatile! I'm still waiting ever so patiently to see yours. I CAN'T WAIT!!! x